Yubara Onsen, Gamelan
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Overnight Stay Plan

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  • "One of the most popular hotels in the hotel" A hot spring and culinary fulfillment for the best two trips! Luxury☆Creative cocktail with steak and hanging out hot springs!

    The best two-time trip, importantly hot-spring and cooking are important!
    It's a special time that no one can disturb, so I would like to have fun gorgeously,
    The hot springs should be hanging around in the sinking!
    Recommendation to such a greeContinue reading
  • 【Roots of the finest brands! 】☆A5 ranked aged "Chiya Beef"☆Loose steak at night! In the morning fillet cutsand! With luxury!

    Luxury☆A5 ranked aged Chiya Beef☆Loose steak at night! In the morning fillet cutsand!

    2016 "Breakfast Festival" Final stage entry menu
    "Okayama brand cattle,"Chiya Beef"aged fillet Katsusando" is to eat here of the plan
    Amazing! For dinner "ChiContinue reading
  • 【New plan! 】Popular creative cuisine cuisine "Women are pretty healthy" Men focus on wild!

    Even though a woman is full, there are things that men feel unsatisfactory, do they?
    This plan has the same number of items, we prepared two different menus!
    One is a healthy vegetable center, the other is a dish that emphasizes volume.
    Of coursContinue reading