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Passion for meals

Gamelan meal is a creative dish based on Japanese food.

I stick to the local ingredients and take in the seasonal ingredients as much as possible.

The warmth warms while the cold one is cold.

In order to taste at the best condition,

1 item shipment is the basis.

Not only the cuisine dish plan but also the original creative pot

There are plan well.

Food that you can not eat with allergy etc.

Please do not hesitate to tell us if there is.

I will correspond within the possible range.
  • Creative party meal

    Gamelan original creative party meal.
    Body-friendly healthy cuisine sticking to locally produced seasonal ingredients.
    Weak food ingredients can be changed. Please contact in advance.
    Ahead of the season, Creative Ariri, Pan pot, Grilled Dish, Oils, Healthy change pot, Vinegared dish, Meals, Dessert
  • Chanko · hormone · black pig, you can choose a pot

    ·Japanese-style soy sauce-based chanko hotpot with seafood, meat, various ingredients gladly
    ·Japanese style soy sauce based black pig pot with plenty of collagen black pig
    ·Salt soup hormone pot that can enjoy fresh Purupuru hormone
    A seasonal first award, creative mori ri, creative pot which can be chosen from three, healthy change pot, meal, dessert
    The number of cooking items is small, price is reasonable!
  • Breakfast

    A popular breakfast with freshly baked bread

    Freshly baked bread is a popular breakfast.
    Delicious soup, plenty of vegetable salad, fresh fruits, egg dishes and other assorted plates.
    Eat a delicious breakfast and start a refreshing day!
  • Lunch

    Speaking of Yubara Onsen lunch, Gamelan day rain lunch

    Speaking of Yubara Onsen's lunch, Gamelan day - changing lunch.
    It is gorgeous contents for women who stuck with local ingredients and seasonal ingredients.
    Two small pots, Juri, Simmered dishes, Buckwheat, Oils, rice, miso soup, Pickled Vegetables, dessert.
    The content varies according to the day.
    A day-trip hot spring day plan combining lunch and day trip hot springs is also popular.
  • Restaurant

    Restaurants with an Asian atmosphere

    All meals are served in the restaurant on the first floor.
    In an restaurant with an Asian atmosphere, there is also a terrace-like chair table seat as well as Oshika.
    Breakfast, 8 o'clock - 9 o'clock
    Lunch, from 11:30 to 13:30 (last order at 13)
    Dinner, 18 o'clock to 21 o'clock
    ※All our restaurants are non-smoking restaurant

Breakfast options menu

  • 【Fluffy bread】

    Although fluffy bread is fluffy! There are also voices that you can run as many as you can! Take-away is also possible at reception desk in advance (until check-in).One piece 120 yen(tax excluded)
  • 【Volume up for egg dishes 】

    Morning breakfast a little!
    For + 500 yen (excluding tax) you can make egg dishes in plenty of lush omelette! A hidden dish popular also for repeaters!