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Hot Springs

Enjoy a luxury enjoying hot spring hot spring

History and efficacy of Yubara Onsen

Yubara Onsen is called Okutsu Hot Spring, Yunogo Onsen and Mimasaka Santo from ancient times.

History of Yubara Onsen appeared historically is one of the five vassals of Toyotomi Hideyoshi

It is described that Ukita Hideyoshi's mother (wife) opened a Toujiba.

There are many spontaneous hot springs and it has been used by people since ancient times.

Hot spring efficacy

Hypotonic alkaline high-temperature hot spring (alkaline simple hot spring in new classification method)

Source temperature is 48 to 51 ° C.There are 15 sources,

There is a rich amount of hot water of estimated 6,000 liters per minute.
History and efficacy of Yubara Onsen

Whenever you like, as much as you like, with whom you like ...Natural hot spring 100% Please do fresh splendor.

Gamelan relaxing bath that you can enjoy natural hot springs on all 6 Balinese style rooms

It is attached.You can enjoy a special hot spring time that no one will disturb you.

We do not circulate at all.Luxury to pour a gentle hot spring into an empty bathtub.

Please enjoy the splendor of Yuizumi Yubara Onsen and the famous Yubara Onsen.
  • Public bath (Main building hot lake Tsuruya)

    Guests of the hotel can use the public bath of the Main Building [ Yu no Kura Tsuru Ya ] for free.In Room

    A relaxing hot spring is also nice, but I still want to have a big bath as well! It is a nice service for those who say.

    When going, a special towel set is prepared.

    Please enjoy the hospitality was unlike Gamelan"sum".
    Hot spring bath hours
    From 7: 00 to 8: 30 in the morning and from 15: 00 to 22: 00 at night.
    ※You can not use it when the main building is closed.

    ※It is closed due to irregular holiday and other circumstances.
  • Open-air Bath ranking west yokozuna ~ famous hot spring sand water ~

    It is a scenic site of Yubara Onsen selected for the Yokozuna of the west of the nationwide Open-air Bath ranking west "Sandyu".

    Whenever you like, as much as you like, anyone,

    It is rare outdoor bath even in the country where you can use.

    Yubara Onsen I wonder if it can be said that it is a public bathhouse of all inns.

    Bathing around the mountains surrounded by magnificent Yuhara dam

    It will be memories of the trip that is difficult to change anything.

    Gamelan addition to towel set for sand water Gamelan,

    We are also preparing a bathing suit for women only.

    Even if you come to Yuhara, please experience "Sand Bath".
  • Stone Sauna

    Far-infrared rays emanating from warm natural stone,

    Using the negative ion effect,

    It is a warm stone sauna that does not use hot water.

    To restore fatigue · improve coldness · promote metabolism etc

    It is said to be effective.

    Because it will be used in a dedicated room,

    Please spend a relaxing time of healing.

    Please enjoy.

    (Use after bathing is recommended)
    Hot spring bath hours
    Usage time 1 time 45 minutes, Last use start time 21:00
    Usage fee
    It will be a complete reservation system.1 person use, 2,500 yen For 2 people, 4,000 yen

Hot Springs

Yubara Onsen, (Yuhara)(Natural hot spring 100%) Hot Spring Baskdown ※It does not include man-made hot spring

Open Air Bath


Bath Terms of Use

The bath is in the room.There is no public bath.

Onsen tax

Hotspring tax adult 150 yen separately.