Yubara Onsen, Gamelan
A new sense that guests can enjoy hot spring hot spring in Bali style rooms


An innocent lodging without being disturbed by anyone

Relax in Bali style, a new style spa hotel

Yubara Onsen"famous for its famous Yokozuna and Open-air Bath ranking.

An inn where a new sense can be barked was born in such a vibrant Yosado hot spring town.

A feeling of liberation that you can enjoy a hot spring with a yukata as in an inn ...

Hospitality that cherishes your privacy like a hotel ...

Gamelan ran is a new-style spa hotel with a ryokan and a hotel, together with relaxation.

Let's do it, Okayama! , Fukuoku roundtrip award!

  • Deals

    If you do a continuous stay (over 2 nights), it will be a round trip
    Discount of 6,000 yen per night per person / night became possible.
    If you stay 2 nights in 2 people, you can earn "24,000 yen"!
    The period is from 1 October to 30 November.
    ※Combined use with other discount coupons will be impossible.
    Please contact us for more information.


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Hotel Name

Yubara Onsen, Gamelan


114 Yubaraonsen, Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture

Telephone number



Yubara IC and take Route 313 toward Yubara Onsen in about 5 minutes
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Day plan

  • 【Two nights and two nights! 】Staying time "MAX 10 hours!" Leisurely day trip! (Daily lunch + dinner is creative party cuisine)

    To those who are busy and have difficulty staying and can not go on a trip,
    How is it for a little hot spring trip?

    It is a day trip plan of 0 night's dinner & breakfast (lunch / dinner).
    Amazing! Check in is at 11:00
    Check-out is a day trip course of maximum 10 hours at 21:00!

    Lunch is from 11:30 to 12:30, daily lunch

    Dinner from 17: 30
    course of Gamelan popular creative kaiseki cooking.
    ·Ahead, ·Juri, ·Steamed food, ·Grilled Dish, ·Oils, ·Change pot, ·Vinegar, ·Meals, ·Dessert
    Prepared by an Asian restaurant.
  • 【One-day hot spring 4 hours】×【Luxury lunch】Luxury★Kuroge Wagyu beef steak with! Popular creative cuisine cuisine ~ Otona's holiday plan ~ day

    Because it's so hard, make your dishes more luxurious! Volume up!
    Gamelan proud of Japanese beef steak in creative multi-course meals can enjoy a more luxurious time with!

    Although it is a day trip, it is a great holiday.Please enjoy the kaiseki course, not for lunch. I also want to enjoy Super Size "Kuroge Wagyu Beef Steak"!
    In response to the voice of such customers, it is a luxury plan with steak that appeared.

    The cuisine is prepared at dinner usually, Gamelan course a course creative cuisine with popular Kuroge Wagyu beef steak.
    ·Ahead, ·Juri, ·Steamed food, ·Grilled Dish, ·Kuroge Wagyu Beef steak·Change pot, ·Vinegar, ·Meals, ·Dessert
    course dishes with volume up are available at Asian restaurants.

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