【This facility is in good health! 】
We anticipate that the fight against the coronavirus will be a long-term war,
We want to take on new challenges, putting the safety and security of our customers first.
We hope that everyone will utilize the GoTo Travel Campaign as much as possible.
We look forward to seeing you at Yubara Onsen"Gamelan".
Yubara Onsen, Gamelan
A new sense that guests can enjoy hot spring hot spring in Bali style rooms


An innocent lodging without being disturbed by anyone

Relax in Bali style, a new style spa hotel

Yubara Onsen famous hot spring famous for its Yokozuna of the West in the outdoor bath ranking.

An inn where a new sense can be barked was born in such a vibrant Yosado hot spring town.

A feeling of liberation that you can enjoy a hot spring with a yukata as in an inn ...

Hospitality that cherishes your privacy like a hotel ...

Gamelan ran is a new-style spa hotel with a ryokan and a hotel, together with relaxation.

We are taking measures against the new coronavirus infection

  • Gamelan's efforts

    At this facility, we are taking the following measures as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus infection.
     ·Staff wash hands, gargle, wear masks, and measure temperature
     ·Regular disinfection cleaning and ventilation of the facility and equipment
     ·Installation of alcohol disinfection at the entrance
     ·Installation of acrylic boards, etc. on the front desk
     ·Emergency response manual maintenance
     ·At check-in,Identity verification for all guests
     (Please refer to the link below for the documents required for confirmation)

    We put the safety and security of our customers first.
    We will strive to stabilize the health and life of our staff and take on new challenges.
    We look forward to your continued patronage.
  • Request to customers

    <Requests for visiting>
     ·Those who have a temperature of 37.5 degrees or more(We will measure the temperature when you enter the building.)
     ·Those who have symptoms of cold such as cough and sputum
     ·Those who have fatigue, breathlessness, or chest discomfort
     ·Those who are suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus, such as family members and workplaces living together
     ·Others who may be infected with the new coronavirus
     ·Countries that have been announced by the government to require entry restrictions or observation period after entry within the past 14 days,
     Those who have traveled to the area and have close contact with the resident (more than 2 hours within 2 m)
    If you feel that any of the above items apply, please refrain from visiting.

※Extension / expansion※Information for customers who wish to use "Okayama Travel Support Discount"

  • Discount by presenting "vaccination certificate" or "negative certificate"

    You can travel at a reasonable price with discounts on overnight trips.
    If you would like to use it, please call the hotel first.

    Target person:Okayama Prefecture,Tottori prefecture,Yamaguchi Prefecture,Kagawa Prefecture,Tokushima Prefecture,Ehime Prefecture,Residents of Kochi Prefecture
    ※From 5/25 reservation / use, for residents of Shimane prefecture
    ※For residents of Hyogo prefecture from 6/1 reservation / use

    Discount amount:5,000 yen discount for use of 10,000 yen or more per person
        3,000 yen discount for use of 6,000 yen or more per person
    Can be used at participating stores in Okayama Prefecture"Sightseeing coupon"

    usage period:Until June 30, 2022

    important point:For up to 7 consecutive nights.Not eligible for discount after 8th night
        All vaccination certificates (3 vaccinations) or negative proof must be presented and place of residence confirmed
  • ※Please be careful※

    ※At the time of check-in on the day, "vaccination certificate" or "negative certificate",
     We will check your ID (driver's license, health insurance card, etc.) that shows your current address.
    ※Discounts cannot be applied if the guest lives in another prefecture or cannot confirm their ID.
    ※If you would like to use "Okayama Support Discount", please call the hotel.
     After that, please make a reservation by phone or from our website.
    ※Please download the application form / declaration form from the Okayama Support Discount website and bring it with you on the day of the event.
    ※Ends as soon as the upper limit is reached
    ※Depending on the infection situation in the future, it may be changed, stopped or canceled without notice.
    ※For details, please check the "Okayama Support Discount" website.

You can take a qualitative antigen test for free at a pharmacy or medical institution in Maniwa City.

  • ■Okayama Prefecture New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Free Test

    If you need a test result notification,
    Okayama Prefecture New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Free Testing Business is available "free".

    Implementation period:From Wednesday, January 26, 2022 to Thursday, June 30, 2022
    ※After July 1st, the cost of the inspection will be borne by the examinee.

    Inspection methods:Antigen qualitative test

    ※For details, please refer to the "About free inspection" page.
  • ■Pharmacies, medical institutions, etc. that carry out free inspections in Maniwa City

    ·Sakae Pharmacy Katsuyama store・ ・ ・1823-3 Hongo, Maniwa City(0867-44-5270) *Reservation required by phone
    ·Yuasa Pharmacy・ ・ ・166-1 Nishibara, Maniwa City(0867-52-2134) *Complete reservation system until the day before(Telephone reservation)
    ·Teshima Pharmacy・ ・ ・405-1 Nakashima, Maniwa City(0867-42-6088)
    ·Miyajima Clinic・ ・ ・6840 Tsukida, Maniwa City(0867-44-2403)

    ※The date and time when the examination is accepted varies depending on the pharmacy / medical institution.
    ※Reservation methods and inspection methods differ depending on the pharmacy / medical institution.
    ※For details, please refer to the "About free inspection" page.

GoTo Travel Campaign Information

  • Please read the following procedure carefully before making reservations and procedures.

    Reservation via the Official website of "Gamelan"
    You need to separately process your own discount application on "STAY NAVI".

    (1) You cannot get a discount just by making a reservation on the Official website.
     STAY NAVI Be sure to read "What do travelers need?"
    ② All plan posted on our Official website are eligible for discounts
     ("plan for GoTo campaign" stated in the plan introduction)
    ③ Only for direct reservations to "Gamelan" (Official website or telephone reservation),
     We handle discounts at STAY NAVI

    ※Bookings made through travel agencies or online booking sites are not eligible

"Regional common coupon" can be used at this facility

  • Information on GoTo Travel "Regional Coupons"

    Gamelan"GoTo Travel Regional Coupon" that you will receive Gamelan is
    It can also be used at this facility.Please use it effectively at a reasonable price.

    【Usable area】Okayama prefecture + Hyogo prefecture,Tottori prefecture,Hiroshima Prefecture,Kagawa Prefecture
     Can be used for bespoke drinks at dinner and lunch (reservation required)
    ●Yunokura museum Yunokura Tsuruya(3 minutes on foot)
     Available for lunch (reservation required), one-day hot springs, and shops

    <Coupon distribution method>
    ●Paper coupon【HP reservation, Rakuten Travel, Jalan net, Rurubu Travel (local payment), Yuko Yuko】
     ┗Distributed at the front desk at check-in (from 15:00)
    ●Electronic coupon【Rurubu Travel(Advance Credit Card Payment)】
     ┗ Displayed on the electronic coupon receiving site from 15:00 on the day of stay

Enjoy food and hot springs! Yuhara's journey

  • Enjoy steak & banquet dishes and hot springs★

    A leisurely trip to enjoy a meal after enjoying a hot spring.
    Why do not you enjoy steak and multi-course cuisine with a little luxury?

    The room is not a Japanese style though it is a hot spring inn
    Bali style to enjoy a slightly unusual atmosphere.
    Moreover, all the baths in the room are flowing from the source.

    You can add new hot water according to bathing,
    Because it is a room bath that does not enter with people around you,
    Even those who do not want to see your body are safe!

    Official you make a reservation from the Official website,
    2,000 yen from the reservation from the Rakuten Travel and Jalan.net is also profitable!
    *The amount displayed at the time of booking is the Official page-only price.

You can choose a room with a plan with breakfast!

  • Renewed plan with breakfast!

    In the past plan with breakfast, it was in the state of "I can not choose a room ..."
    We have renewed the plan so that you can choose your favorite room type!

    Breakfast as before
     "Fluffy freshly baked bread"
     "Fresh vegetable salad & fruit"
     We offer "a lot of soups with seasonal changes".

    From many customers
    "We were satisfied with volume more than we expected』
    "On a cold morning the body was warmed up with lots of hot soups."
    I am glad to hear you.

    Take this opportunity to Gamelan a different type of room
    Enjoy your stay


Google Map

Hotel Name

Yubara Onsen, Gamelan


114 Yubaraonsen, Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture

Telephone number



Leave Yubara IC, and take National Route 313 5 for Yubara Onsen for approximately 5 minutes.
Go to the traffic access page

Day plan

  • Relaxing Yuhara a day trip plan, a moment of relaxation (Room usage 2 hour plan)

    Yubara Onsen you can make day trips from the Hanshin area as well as Okayama city.
    Accommodation is a bit tough, but it is recommended for those who want to taste a petite trip!

    Gamelan can Gamelan enjoy the hot water of Yubara Onsen with "withdrawal"
    Would you like to relax?

    ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞
     ·Room stay time: 2 hours
     ·Very popular! With creation sum lunch
    ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

    〔About use〕
     From 11:30 to 13:30
     Served at the restaurant.
     It is available from 11:00 to 14:30 after a maximum of 2 hours.

    Please inquire directly to the hotel for other staying times.
    (Tel: 0867-62-2292)

<Tourist information>Yubara Onsen"Hot water tour map"

  • National Open-air Bath ranking[Yokozuna of the West]

    Ranked as "Yokozuna of the West" by the Open-air Bath ranking
    Sunayu (sand bath) famous "sand bath"
    There is a hot spring inn where you can have a day trip hot spring.
    Yuhara, we recommend visiting the hot springs!
    Please enjoy various hot water with the hot water tour map.
  • Click here for one-day hot spring facilities

    ·Reception hours are up to 30 minutes before acceptance.
    ·The hot spring facilities are closed irregularly, so please check in advance if you have any desired facilities.
    ·Please understand that we may decline if it is crowded even during the bathing time.
    ·The bathing fee is paid by the customer.

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.